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István Horkay

  István Horkay


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István Horkay

István Horkay was born in 1945 in Budapest, Hungary. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Budapest in 1964, Horkay was invited to attend the
Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow -Poland, the Major Art and Cultural Center of Eastern Europe, where he received his Master of Fine Arts. He continued his Studies at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark. (1968) and did additional Post graduate work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. (1971)

Horkay studied under the Internationally know Artist and Theater Director Tadeusz Kantor, as well as Professors, M. Wejmann and J. Nowosielski, Poland/Palle Nielsen/Danmark. He received Diplomas in Graphic Arts, Painting, and Film Animation.

He has three children Hes spent a lot of time in the USA. Allentown PA., New York NY, Phoenix AZ, Melbourne FL. Between 1976-2001.

Studio 9843 N 48th Place, Paradise Valley. Arizona.


Kleist once wrote: The Poet would be happiest if he could express his Thoughts without Words. (What an interesting Admission! wrote Ludwig Wittgenstein.)

"Someone, Somewhere" is how I title my Works, thinking of the Free Individual, who Himself has become the Center of the of Our Post Human Age, the Focus of Our Collective Memory.

The Question is How to give Visual Expression to that Memory, so that the thus created Contents, can leave a Lasting Impression. An Idea or an Image acquires a New Dimension as it is combined with other Images.

Horkay's Museum Factory series combines original drawn and painted images, appropriated masterpieces, photographs, artists' signatures and commercial logos. These elements are digitally assembled, i.e., collaged, to create a single, layered moment reflecting different places and times. This work is post pop, i.e., post modern pop art. Whereas Warhol took moments from popular culture and turned them into history, Horkay takes history and turns it into a moment, as though the past millennium was a monolithic unit of time.

Horkay "would like his Works to be Visual Poetry and Philosophy."



1970 Cracow Poland
1974 Warszawa Poland
1990 Budapest Hungary
1990 Stuttgart Germany
1990 Edmonton / Alberta / Canada
1991 Budapest Hungary
1992 Budapest / Opera House / Hungary
1992 Sienna / Word Meeting ISRA / Italy
1993 Rotterdam/Word Trade Center / Holland
1994 Budapest / Vigado Gallery / Hungary
1995 Melbourne / Florida / USA
1995 Delft / Gallery Brocades / Holland
1996 Brussels / Belgium /
1997 Galery / Arten Budapest /
1998 Zurich / Gallery Art Felchlin / 1999 Budapest Gallery XXI
2000 Dolores Chase Gallery / Salt Lake City / USA
2000 Gallery de Griffel / Utrecht / Holland
2000 Gallery XXI. Budapest / Hungary
2000 St. Petersburg / Russia /
2000 Scottsdale / American Fine Art Editions Inc. /
2001 Budapest / Las Vegas /
2001 Moscow / Russia / Hungarian Ambassy
2001 LeslieSacks Art Gallery Los Angeles
2001 /Web Exibition/http: /Leslie Sacks Gallery 2002 Scottsdale / American Fine Art Editions Inc. / 2002 Eastern Washington State University/EWU/Art Gallery 2002 Kamiyamada /Japan/
2003 LeslieSacks Fine Art Los Angeles/Web Exibition/
2003 Collegium Hungaricum/Berlin/
2003 American Fine Art Editions Inc/Scottsdale
2003 LeVall Art Gallery Novosibirsk/ Russia

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